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LIMAT Technology Solutions
We make everything connect by delivering digital age networking solutions
LIMAT Technology Solutions
We provide key technology solutions that every business should own

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LIMAT Technology

In today’s world of burgeoning modern technologies, LIMAT Technology Solutions provides stellar IT solutions in Chennai which include a variety of services like website designing, mobile application development, Hosting services, Application development and DevOps and automation support for your applications. LIMAT Technology Solutions can help you in reaching your target of enhancing your business. We transcend every aspect of quality required to deliver high-performing business solutions.



We carry on in India and abroad the business with a range of technologies and products including development of specialized system software and application software, state-of-the-art Website development, Mobile application development, Hosting services, Devops and automation tools methodologies and software application development, commercial packages, project devoted to E-Business and E-Commerce applications and standard business packages, developing and managing web-enabled IT infrastructure

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